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When purchasing jewellery we don't want to receive something in a plastic baggie. We want an experience. A journey of thought-out product design decisions that guide us towards unpacking a precious little something we've purchased online a few days ago.

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VISUAL aspects of branding sell products. 30% of businesses report an increase in revenue after improving product packaging, and I completely get it!

Amazing product with poor visual branding & execution = 0 sales.

Poor product with amazing visual branding & execution = thousands of sales.

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Combine great packaging design with amazing product and you have yourself a winner!

Showcasing your product's packaging on website / insta feed is so important! 72% of American consumers say that product packaging design influences their purchase decisions.

Honestly, I'm one of them. I automatically associate the lack of attention to packaging with brand owner's careless attitude towards the quality of their products.

Would it surprise you if I said that 52% of consumers have changed product brands due to new packaging design? I guess not.

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If you have already invested in creating a stunning package design, be loud and proud about it! Photograph it (or let us do it), share the images, SHOW your audience that you get so.much.more that just a piece of jewellery. If you haven't, this is your sign to sort that stuff out.

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