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There is nothing more satisfying than capturing pieces of jewellery being touched by the morning sunlight.
Natural light photography is all about noticing the little things around you, and embracing serendipity to create beautiful, delicate, and soulful imagery for your brand.

Package I


3 hour shooting 

2  hour editing

10 final images


Kim Joux Product-59-59-59.jpg
Package II


5 hour shooting 

4 hour editing 

30 final images


Package III


9 hour shooting

5 hour editing

60 final images 


Prices for photographing luxury jewellery and precious stones may vary

What happens when I choose a package? 

We'll go through your vision step by step by creating a personalised mood board for your jewellery brand's photoshoot. 

You will ship your jewellery to the studio, wait for up to 10 days, and receive fully edited images in 2 different edits that suit your brand's look.

Remember, high-end photographs are a long-term investment that has a huge positive impact on your business' sales and social media reach. It's time to take your brand one step further and I'm here to help!

Please note: 

The images you receive are extra large and perfectly suitable for print (300dpi). Extra fee of £100 applies if you'd like for us to convert each file to suit online use (72dpi, 2500px)​For shooting and editing scratched, damaged, or sample items that will need alterations in post-production. Image copyright belongs to both the client and the photographer, allowing third party share throughout the web. Image licensing can be bought our for the sole client's use for an agreed fee depending on the expected usage.


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