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Behind the brand

Auguste Chocianaite

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Hi there!


My name is Augusté *pronounced like the month* and I'm a Bristol - based freelance photographer, traveller, and lover of Bukowski and yoga.

I grew up in a city on the west coast of Lithuania. My childhood smelled of windy seaside, pine trees, and crisp winter air. 

As far as I remember I've been into photography since I was 11 years old.  

Life took some unexpected turns ever since. It brought me to Bristol, shoved a Journalism diploma into my hands, tossed me everywhere in between most of the Europe, India, New Zealand, Bali, Canada, and LA with a bag full of lenses tagging along, and finally dropped me off where I am now. 


I specialise in minimal, natural, organic, and timeless imagery creation whilst working with independent jewellery makers and fashion designers in Bristol and the rest of the UK.

I produce visual content that helps my clients boost their brand's sales, business growth, and social media reach simply using one tool - high-end photography. 



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