Today social media is one of the most important sales platforms for every small business. 

Statistically, 11% of Instagram users shop through this platform. That's not bad for a social media network that has over 1 billion active users every month!

Running a successful business means having an visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed with pictures that sell your products. 

Running a successful, visually appealing, and aesthetically pleasing Instagram account with photographs that sell your products, as easy as it sounds. Taking the pictures, arranging photoshoots with models, posting stories, creating videos for Ads, interacting with your followers, writing engaging captions, scheduling content and not forgetting to post it every day is a full time job.

That's why I'm here to help. 

Check out the services below.


Content Creation

From £300

I specialise in creating social media content that sells your jewellery on Instagram.


From soulful lifestyle product shots to professionally curated images with models wearing your product - I've got you covered with the high-end content that will make your jewellery look irresistible. 

Hashtag Research

From £200


I am here to save some precious time analysing and trying out different hashtags that work for you business. 

Let me create a perfectly organised list of hashtags that attract more potential buyers to your business.

Story Creation

From £10 ps


Instagram stories and posts are two similar, however utterly different ways of engaging with your potential buyers. 

Specialising in both video and photography story ad creation, I deliver stunning visuals to your followers story feeds. 

Aesthetics Management

From £100

Have you already invested in professional photography, and your content library is full of stunning images?

I visually arrange content to draw attention to each photograph whilst keeping  visually pleasing aesthetic that represents what your brand is all about. 

Caption Writing

From £10 pc


Did you know that Instagram algorithm connects your caption content with the hashtags you use?

I make sure that every post on your feed serves your business and conveys a positive message about what your brand is all about. 

Brand Analysis


Let me fully focus on your brand's dos and don'ts on Instagram.

Where can you improve as a business and how can you make more sales using this one app? 

I thoroughly analyse and optimise the way you currently strategise you business Instagram account. 

You might be looking for someone to create and curate your content, or you might be after a professional who can do everything above. 

Either way, let's get in touch and I will provide a quote tailored for your business needs. 


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