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Are you ready to start investing into your brand's growth using professional content on your website and social media platforms, but you have never done anything like this before? Don't worry - here is everything you need to know about planning your very first professional jewellery photoshoot.


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Make yourself a cup of coffee and go on a Pinterest spree. I'm talking about 3 hours of binge-pinning every image that reflects your general branding, photoshoot vision, dream colour palette, and the general aesthetic that both you and your clientele find pleasing.


Things To Know When Planning Your First Jewellery Photoshoot, Jewellery Photoshoot, Jewellery Photographer, Jewellery Blog

Find other jewellery brands that you look up to. Create a list of things you like about their visual content and social media aesthetic which you would like to employ, provided you don't have a strong visual guide of your own yet.


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Before arranging a professional jewellery photoshoot for your business it is immensely important to HAVE a budget. Make sure you know how much money you are ready to invest into visual marketing, and don't cheap out. If all you have is £100 of spare cash, wait a few months, save up, and have a solid amount that will get you quality content. It's a vicious circle - the more you invest in high-end jewellery photography, the more that content sells, and the more revenue your business generates.


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Are you after jewellery pack shots for e-commerce, creative product photography, or images of models wearing your jewellery? Know exactly what you're after and what type of photography can benefit your brand the most.


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Depending on what type of photography you decide to go for, find the best photo artist in their field. Make sure you have a few creatives to choose from, and analyse the images they are posting on their web and social media. What are their clients saying about them? Are you in love with their general aesthetic? If so, book them in advance. Most photographers have 2-3 month waiting lists, so make sure to connect with your dream jewellery photographer as soon as you can.


Jewellery Photoshoot, Moodboard, Pinterest, Planning A Jewellery Photoshoot, Jewellery Social Media Content Creator

Once you book your favourite jewellery photographer, arrange the shoot budget, set a shoot date, and share your vision, make sure the photo artist spends some time optimising the mood board, and creating a realistic image of what you should expect from the session. This way you should find out:

- If you are shooting in a studio or on location

- Is the shoot weather dependent or not

- How many models you need

- What colour backdrops or backgrounds you'll be using

- What props need to be purchased


Model, Jewellery Photoshoot, How To Find A Perfect Model, Model Photoshoot With Jewellery, Chocianaite Photography

Your mood board would have made it clear what type of a person can become the face of your brand. Blonde or brunette, light or dark skin, skinny or curvy. There are two ways of getting around to finding a perfect model for your jewellery brand's photoshoot: via professional modelling agency, or going on a freelance model hunt on Instagram. First though, check with your photographer. They might have a list of freelancers they work with on a regular basis that you can connect with.


Jewellery Photography, Photoshoot Makeup, Photoshoot Planning, Jewellery Photoshoot, How To Plan A Jewellery Photoshoot

Hair and makeup are extremely important if you want to execute your vision 100%.

Remember, just like models, hair and makeup artist fees are not included in your photographer's quote, so make sure to have a few hundred £££ to spend on your creative team.


Photoshoot Clothes, Photoshoot Wardrobe, Planning A Jewellery Photoshoot, Jewellery Photographer, Chocianaite Photography

Provided you don't have a stylist, there are two ways of getting fresh and trendy wardrobe for your brand's photoshoot: buy and return clothes from high street shops, or collaborate with local boutiques and designers. The latter way not only benefits your photoshoot, but also creates lovely images for another small business or independent designer to share on their social media, and sparks a new collaboration or even a life-long friendship.

10 - PROPS

Planning A Jewellery Photoshoot, Jewellery Photography, Props, Planning A Jewellery Photoshoot

If you are organising a creative lifestyle jewellery photoshoot, you will need to purchase custom props to display your jewellery. From geometric concrete shapes custom-made by Etsy sellers, to flower bouquets from your local florist - make sure you research and invest into high quality shoot accessories.

11 - BRIEF

Planning A Jewellery Photoshoot, Jewellery Photographer, Photoshoot Bristol

Once you have all the little things sorted, make sure you create a detailed and particular brief for your photographer. This will save both of you a lot of time in the end of the day. The more information you can organise, the better.

- List every jewellery piece there is to be photographed

- Specify how many images per piece you want

- How many and what angles you want each piece to be shot from

- If you want group shots, list jewellery items for each group image

- If you're shooting on a model, list what clothing items go with which jewellery pieces.

- If you have multiple models, specify what model wears what jewellery.

Gold Jewellery, Jewellery Lifestyle Photographer, Jewellery Photographer, Social Media Jewellery Content Creation, Chocianaite Photography

Cover the 11 points above and you will be fully ready to rock'n'roll your first serious jewellery photoshoot. Remember two things - communication with your photographer is key, and you can never be too prepared. So do your homework, spend some time on Pinterest, and I guarantee you will be amazed when your vision comes to life.

Are you looking for a professional jewellery photographer? Look no further - working from a cosy central Bristol-based photography studio I create soulful photography and social media content for every ambitious jewellery brand. Let's connect via

* Images used in this blog post are from both personal archive and Pinterest.


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