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Where to Buy the Best Backgrounds for Jewellery Photos

If you’re deeply immersed in the world of jewellery design and sales, you’ll understand how crucial photography is to your business. However, the wrong choice of background and props can detrimentally impact the aesthetic appeal of your photos. Off-brand and improvised props like fake flowers, overly polished wood, pebbles, and household items can inadvertently lend a DIY, amateurish feel to your images—certainly not the impression you want to convey.

Why Does It Matter?

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Being a small, independent business isn’t a drawback. It’s praiseworthy that every element from design to jewellery photography, web design, and social media management is infused with your hard work. Nevertheless, the challenge for small business owners is immense: building trust with first-time buyers and brand followers right from the outset.

Your brand's introduction and the customer's end experience are crucial touch points for building this trust. From the initial brand perception through branding, product descriptions, and social media to the final product experience—including the anticipation of the parcel and the satisfaction of the final product—every element needs to be spotless.

The Role of Photography

Jewellery photography is vital in fostering customer trust. Low-quality images can reflect poorly on your brand, while high-quality photos showcase your professionalism and the care you invest in your products. A well-thought-out presentation can dramatically enhance the perceived value and trustworthiness of your brand.

Selecting the Right Props

Choosing the right props is essential. They should align with your brand’s guidelines, colours, and aesthetic mood board. The props should be consistent, not detracting from the jewellery, and should avoid giving a scattered, inexpensive feel to your setup. I advocate for minimal setups, focusing mainly on the product, as seen in the strategies employed by the top jewellery brands.

Shopping for the Best Backgrounds

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While there are many places to shop for props, from Pinterest marketplace to Etsy, Zara Home, and local boutiques, I find that nothing compares to a traditional arts and crafts store for sourcing clean, simple paper backgrounds. These stores offer a variety of colours and textures, allowing you to choose the perfect backdrop for your jewellery at a minimal cost—often no more than 50 pence per sheet.

Therefore, the next time you walk past an arts and crafts store, consider stopping by. Invest in some elegant paper sheets and maybe a couple of foam boards—they might just transform your product photography.

Learn More

Interested in enhancing your jewellery photography skills further? Want to learn photographing in direct sunlight or artificial lighting? Consider signing up for our Smartphone Jewellery Photography Course. It's designed to significantly boost your sales by improving your photography techniques. Practice what we teach, and see the difference it makes.

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