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How to take stunning jewellery photos with an iPhone

Updated: Apr 17

Are your jewellery photos appearing too amateurish, lacking the sparkle and professionalism you seek?

The common issues include:

  • Insufficient lighting that fails to illuminate the true brilliance of your pieces

  • Difficulty in capturing the mesmerising beauty of various gemstones

  • Jewellery that doesn't stand out as it should

  • An off white balance that doesn't do your creations justice

  • Silver items looking tarnished rather than gleaming

  • A lack of time dedicated to photography

  • Challenges with photo editing that detract from the beauty of your jewellery

For many jewellers struggling with these challenges, knowing where to start the improvement journey can be daunting. That's where I step in. Leveraging my extensive experience and deep knowledge, I've developed a comprehensive mini-course designed to guide you through capturing breathtaking jewellery photos using nothing more than natural light and your iPhone—or indeed any smartphone.

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Seize the opportunity to become confident in both taking and editing photos (utilising AI technology) of your jewellery, transforming your skill set in under 4 weeks. By starting smartphone jewellery photography bootcamp, you can assemble a collection of cohesive, luxurious, professional-quality images of your products in time for this summer.

Enrol today and discover the transformative power of expertise. Remember, the foundation of your future success is built by your daily actions. If not now, when will you take the steps necessary to elevate your craft?


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