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How to Photograph Jewellery Using an iPhone

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

In the world of jewellery, it's all about the details. Every intricate design, every delicate curve, and every sparkling gemstone is carefully crafted to create a beautiful piece of art that people can wear and cherish. But in order to showcase these details and attract potential customers, good product photography is key. Smartphone Jewellery Photography Course.

A study by the e-commerce platform BigCommerce found that product photography was even more important than product information and customer reviews.

That sounds about right. High-quality images resonate with high-quality products.

Mass-produced cheap jewellery can be easily made to look luxurious, and artisan pieces can look worthless solely depending on how they're presented to the public. That's where professional jewellery photography comes to play. Unless outsourcing a professional jewellery photographer is not an option at the moment and YOU are the main content creator for the business. In which case you might want to continue reading.

Our Smartphone Jewellery Photography Bootcamp, which has recently finished before re-opening for a new season on an evergreen basis, proved that mobile phone jewellery photography can elevate any business in no time.

Carla, a student from Australia, notes that:

“To be able to take an image quickly now with just the natural sun and an iPhone is a total game changer.

I posted an image of a pearl necklace I shot for my homework and immediately sold a necklace”

So what are the key ingredients of high-performing jewellery content creation?

1 - Planning

2 - Lighting

3 - Reflection management

4 - Props

5 - Photography


To begin with, you need to PLAN your shoot. Create a Pinterest moodboard for your photoshoot that's in line with your general branding: colour palette, aesthetic, and target audience. Then organise a shot list and work on a detailed creative plan to make sure that every aspect of your shoot is thoroughly thought-through.

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You can create the most stunning images using something that's completely free - sunlight. That's right, you don't need professional lighting to create gorgeous content!

Find that one corner in the house that gets touched by the sunlight and turn it into your shooting space, harnessing DIRECT sunshine diffusing it with transparent objects.


If there's one thing I want you to take from this post, it's that you MUST have a few foam boards on hand if jewellery photography is something you're interested in doing.

Foam boards are used to mount prints and pictures, and can also be used as a painting frame backing. In photography, they are used to bounce light and manage reflections when shooting shiny and reflective products. They even out the contrast on your set and make shadows soft and smooth.

Check out my Instagram post to understand HOW to use foam boards for the most optimal reflection management HERE. And make sure to give me a cheeky follow!


Props can make or break a picture. And if you still haven't invested in an on-brand prop box, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Have a bunch of props that you 100% know work with your jewellery brand's colour palette, photograph well and don't make your jewellery look cheap.

And HERE is a list of props that are guaranteed to make your brand look cheap as chips. I can almost guarantee that you used them at least once in the past year.


There are so many tips and tricks to learn about photographing jewellery with a phone, and you can learn all of them either on my detailed Jewellery Photography Course, or Smartphone Jewellery Photography Course. But here are some of the most used ones:

- Take images from as many multiple angles as possible until you 100% understand how to manage light and reflections in your space.

- Shoot zoomed in 2x using the back camera.

- Hold the screen and bring the exposure down a tiny bit for that Pinterest-y aesthetic.

- Don't centre jewellery - keep it on mid square edges of your camera grid.

And if you are serious about becoming the pro content creator for your jewellery business and elevating your brand by simply improving the quality of your images, you are going to be absolutely obsessed with my Smartphone Jewellery Photography Bootcamp, which is launching again, this time on an evergreen basis, on 10th September 2023.

This 4 week-long jewellery photography course simplifies and introduces complex photography creation processes through exclusive webinars, video resources, interactive homework & live Q&As, allowing jewellers with no photography background to create high-end content that SELLS their products.

The bootcamp covers 5 topics:

In only 4 weeks jewellers learn to create pro content using nothing but a smartphone and direct sunlight. Enrol in my Smartphone Jewellery Photography Course now to start learning!

“I would totally recommend this bootcamp to other jewellers because it has literally EVERYTHING a jeweller needs in order to present our products in the most professional way while doing everything ourselves”

Maureen (US)

“As a small business owner who doesn't have much to spend on hiring someone else to take and edit my photos, this course has saved me so much time and money!”

Tingting (CA)

“If you’re not a fan of taking photos, you will learn to love it and understand it so much better”

Marina (NZ)

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