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I carefully craft your dream photographs in a process that includes a lot of morning sunlight and multiple cups of coffee.

Whilst working with experienced models I photograph your jewellery in the most delicate setups that showcase your work of art in minimal and intimate light.


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Package I


3 hour shooting 

2  hour editing

15 final images


Package II


5 hour shooting 

4 hour editing 

30 final images


FULL RES Valentina Rose-41.jpg
Package III


9 hour shooting

5 hour editing

60 final images 


Prices for photographing luxury jewellery and precious stones may vary

Are you taking your business to the next level and expanding to wholesale? 

We offer high-end catalogue photography with a dash of creativity shot on one of our in-house models!

Catalogue Jewellery Photography
£25/ £30 per image, set £30 p.h. in-house model fee, set £25 p.h. studio hire fee

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You chose a package you want. What's next? 

1 - Vision creation
2 - Booking in the date
3 - Deposit
4 - Product postage
5 - Brief Creation

6 - Booking the studio, model, MUA, etc
7 - Shooting time! 
8 - Proofs (you select the images you'd like to have edited)
9 - Full payment
10 - Receiving the final photos
11 - Product postage
12 - Celebrating your visual growth journey! 

Remember, high-end photographs are a long-term investment that has a huge positive impact on your business' sales and social media reach. It's time to take your brand one step further and I'm here to help!

Extra fees apply:
If you need help to get in touch with freelance models or modelling agencies.  

The images you receive are extra large and perfectly suitable for print (300dpi). Extra fee of £100 applies if you'd like for us to convert each file to suit online use (72dpi, 2500px)

​For shooting and editing scratched, damaged, or sample items that will need alterations in post-production.

Image licensing can be bought our for the sole client's use for an agreed fee depending on the expected usage. Photo copyright belongs to both the client and the photographer, allowing third party share throughout the web.

Model and extra creative team fees are not included in our pricing.


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