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After a couple of months of planning, @rachelannkiley and I took a small bunch of empowering independent jewellery creators' work to the (not so) sunny English coast. 4 brands we took on an adventure were - Bloomeree, Emmi Rae, Assolari Co, and Aquila Jewellery.

With a 7am start and rain showers here and there we finally made it to a beautiful cove, dragging a few fair sized ASOS boxes down the windy steps - 220 of them, to be exact. The place was pretty empty, until we started shooting. Once we got the first set of jewellery on, 2 groups of adventurers with kayaks came round, followed by families and small tourist ferries. 

5 hours and a cheese toastie later we made our way home with another pit stop - the gorgeous sand dunes not far away from Bristol (who would've known!), where we finished our shoot. Here are some of my favourite shots (out of 1500 in total) from the day - enjoy!

A 12 hour shooting day for multiple brands was HARD WORK, but totally worth it and SO.MUCH.FUN. I am already planning a full day Christmas jewellery photography session, so get in touch if you're interested! 


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