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Top 3 Photography Tips for Jewelry Business Owners

In jewelry retail, visual appeal can make or break your business. With over seven years of experience photographing jewelry daily, I've identified three crucial elements that no jewelry business owner should overlook if they aim to thrive in this competitive market.

1. Mastering Light 

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Lighting is paramount in jewelry photography. For those looking to achieve professional-grade photos, the key is utilizing direct, natural diffused sunlight. This type of lighting brings out the sparkle and detail in your pieces, setting the stage for eye-catching product displays. As an in-house photographer for your jewellery brand you should always capitalise on the softer light of early mornings or late afternoons to capture the best shots and use transparent materials or glasses in between the light source and your product to soften the harsh light. 

2. Controlling Reflections 

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Reflections can be a photographer's nemesis, particularly in jewelry photography where the smallest glare can distract from the beauty of the item. A surprisingly simple yet effective tool to manage reflections is foam boards. By strategically placing these boards around your pieces, you can control and soften reflections, ensuring that your jewelry looks its best in every frame. You can learn my reflection management tricks using foam boards in my iPhone Jewellery Photography Course. It WILL change your jewellery photography game. 

3. The Critical Role of Editing

Surprisingly, many jewelers overlook the importance of photo editing, which can significantly impact the final presentation of their products. Dusty or fingerprint-marked items are less likely to attract customers. Learning to use tools like Photoshop is essential for cleaning up images and presenting aesthetically pleasing photos that are more likely to convert views into sales.


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