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Specialising in Jewellery Photography I spend a lot of time searching for inspiring jewellery brands and analysing the do's and don'ts that make them successful.

There is one important branding principle that all high-end jewellery brands follow with no exceptions. The name of this blog post kind of makes it obvious what it is.


I'm not going to talk about the psychology of blue making the customer trust your brand more, and green making your potential buyers relax. Frankly speaking, I think colour psychology might have worked 10 years ago, but not anymore.

I'm talking about setting a few colours that you'll follow when creating your website, branding, packaging, and social media content.

I'm talking about making your brand consistent and recognisable. I'm talking about making your brand visually and aesthetically pleasing.


1 - Consistent colour palette makes it easier to recognise your brand

2 - It makes your social media feed/ website/ online shop look more professional

3 - It's easier for you to create photography that looks good when mixed up throughout your social media

Here are some examples of poor colour matching from jewellery businesses I found on Instagram. I want to emphasise, that the jewellery on these accounts is gorgeous, however, poor photography and lack of a consistent colour palette makes the whole brand look unprofessional. With authentic branding and correct colour aesthetics, these jewellery designers could be profitable on both Instagram and online shopping platforms like NOTHS and Etsy.

Do you see what I mean?

And this is what a great colour palette use looks like.

Not only does it make these brands look extremely professional and desirable, consistent colour scheme makes it pleasant to scroll through their feed even if you're not interested in buying jewellery. Except that... These photographs make you want to buy something. And you end up doing exactly that.





I hope this post was helpful. Next thing you must do if you want your brand to succeed, is sit down for a few hours and REALLY think about the colours you'd like to represent your business.

Need help? I'm here to help you build a successful jewellery brand.

Get in touch for a consultation session.

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