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A few months ago I had an absolute pleasure working with my first, shall I say, international brand - Lily-Livered all the way from the sunny Malta.

Few days after we had a chat via email, I've received a lovely package with 9 beautifully crafted silver brooches.

Mireille has just started building her brand I was extremely delighted to be creating photography for her new jewellery business.

I know how tricky building a brand from scratch can be. As a one man's band you must know how to create beautiful visual content, design your website, write copy, do the marketing voodoo, etc.

Outsourcing is such an important part of the starting process, and it means so much to me, as a photographer, when my clients trust me 100% with the work that took them years to perfect.

Anyway, enough rambling, here's what I created for Lily-Livered by Mireille.

Are you a Jewellery Brand looking for a professional branding photographer? Well, look no further. Drop me an email to and I'll help you build a brand image you've always dreamed of.

Augustė Chocianaitė


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