Having a rich visual content library is essential if you are en route to building an engaging and paying community on your website and social media.

Here are four types of different content you should produce and offer your followers to represent your jewellery business in the most flattering light.

1. Model shots - I can't stress enough about how important it is to showcase your work on a professional model. I spoke about the importance of investing into a professional brand face HERE.

Your potential clients want to know exactly how your jewellery is going to look when being worn in real life. What colour outfits do the necklaces match well with? What's the best way to style the jewellery? it is your duty to show off your work in the most natural and stylish way possible, making your potential client fall in love with the piece from the first glance.

2. Product shots - having exceptional quality commercial product shots done is essential for every jewellery business. These images showcase the quality of your work, with a zoom-in option on your website, every tiny piece of each item has to be of 100% quality.

3. Still life shots - this is where you should do some creative thinking. How can you represent your jewellery brand in a visually pleasing way using other objects of your daily life?

What goes hand-in hand with your brand's image? What colour palette is it? What is the sense of your the brand itself and what values does it represent? Make sure you and your photographer have a clear idea and understanding of the aesthetics that you'd like to follow. Pinterest is the most optimal way of getting those ideas through to each other.

4. UGC 0- don't be afraid to use the content that someone else has produced for you... for free! That's right, the more user generated content you use the better, as this way your potential customers can clearly visualise what your jewellery will look like in real life. Not to mention, it's a great way of showing the world that your business is doing great!

These were 4 essential types of jewellery photography you need to make sure you cover on your website and social media platforms.

Don't forget - high-end jewellery photography is an investment - a big one, in fact, however, it is going to take your brand to a whole new level if done right.

Make sure you analyse the best high - end jewellery photographers in your area to choose the one that could represent your style and bring your brand's aesthetics to life.

Are you a Bristol - based jewellery maker? Holla at me hello@chocianaite.com if you'd like to work together in creating high-end jewellery photography content for your brand. I'm here to help take your brand to the next level!

Augustė xx

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