Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Having produced visual content for multiple jewellery makers all over the UK in the past year I learned 7 things you must know if you want to get your brand marketing spot-on as an independent jeweller.

Here's how to positively influence your sales, social media engagement, and business growth using only one social media app - Instagram.

The key is *drum roll please* impeccable visual representation of your brand.

- Create a brand persona and post content based on what lifestyle reflects him/her best. If your business was a person what would it be like? Yoga mum/ solo traveller/ coffee lover/ hustler/ fashion addict? After you have it all figured out, post content that your brand persona would love to see on their own Instagram feed. Work on images from that person's point of view - is the world around them cluttered or minimalist? Do they promote healthy living or have pizza for lunch? Experiment! Your instagram is a playground for your brand's alter-ego. Find a tasteful way to mix and intertwine lifestyle and product shots into your feed.

Here's some inspo from @pamelacardjewelry and @nataliemariejewellery.

- Use UGC - user generated content - on your Insta feed and stories. Get that regram app out whenever one of your customers posts a quality image of them wearing your jewellery. Shamelessly use their images to create extra content and engage with your present and potential clientele.

- Post at least 5 times per week. No questions, just do it. This way you'll boost your average engagement rate, which will also improve your reach tenfold.

- Show yourself. I can't stress enough about how important it is to show the person behind the brand once in a while. Believe it or not, images of me awkwardly posing in front of the camera are the ones that receive most engagement from my followers. Read up why every brand owner must have a few outstanding headshot images to post on social media HERE. And heads up, January Headshot promo is still on- get 10% off your professional headshot session this month only. You can book an appointment via email: hello@chocianaite.com

- Consistency is key. Use the same filters to edit your photos or download a couple of Lightroom presets to make sure your feed has a consistent colour and contrast palette. You can find plenty of presets on Creative Market, or you can create your own by watching Youtube tutorials as simple as THIS.

Get some inspo from @stoneandstrand, @yoshinomia, @kasspalmas, and @mejuri.

- Create high - end content. Plan the visuals you want to share. Produce a variety of photographs, including commercial, lifestyle, flat lay, studio, location, UGC, etc. Make sure that each one of the shots you upload on Instagram look spot on and juicy enough to make your followers want to buy whatever your product is.

Depending on your skills, you can create a decent flat lay setup at home and play around with your items, props, and natural light to keep producing the content you need.

More intricate work like studio shots and commercial product photography, on the other hand, is an investment. It can cost from £2oo to £5000 to produce, however, quality content is what sells your jewellery in the end of the day.

There we go, those were 6 simple tips on how to up your brand's Instagram game with your visual content.

Feel free to contact me at hello@chocianaite.com if you are thinking of creating new visual content for your jewellery brand in 2019 - I'm always here to help you grow your business.


Augustė Chocianaitė

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