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We all know the value model shots (images of a person wearing jewellery) add to your brand’s performance.

There is so much to consider when planning a jewellery model photoshoot, and today I’m here to touch base on one of the things: Makeup.

High-quality makeup can truly enhance the beauty and soul of your jewellery.

And I completely understand every jewellery business owner that does not know where to start with their model's makeup. There are so many decisions to make ON TOP of actually planning the whole photoshoot, and here you are contemplating: lipstick or gloss? Fake or natural eyelashes? Eyeliner or no eyeliner?

And to make your life easier, I'm here to share 6 tips that will save you from a serious makeup disaster during your next photoshoot. So make sure to save this post and review it closer to your next model photoshoot.

1 - No-makeup makeup look can take up to 2 hours to create and not every makeup artist is good at it. Even if you’re going for a super natural look, you NEED a professional MUA ☁️

2 - Apart from the full-face makeup, never forget to ask for makeup on the chest area

3 - Think twice if you’d like fake eyelashes.

4 - It's essential to show the makeup artist your vision. Have a picture of the makeup look you want

5 - Never ask your model to get their makeup done at home, unless you are 100% sure they are going to be great at it. Remember, Facetune enhances many things, including wonky foundation 🫶🏼

6 - Always ALWAYS go for a professional and not a beginner (cheaper) makeup artist. Check the artist’s work before booking an appointment for your model

And below is a free makeup guide I created for your next jewellery model photoshoot! I've selected 4 of my favourite looks that 100% work for photographing accessories.


soft + matte + baby pink focused


soft cat-eye + semi-glossy pink lip


natural + extra glowy & dewy


natural + peachy + statement eyeliner

And if you're looking to learn everything there is to know about creating professional model images for your jewellery business at home, keep your eyes out for my Model Jewellery Photography Course that's launching on the 30th April!

You can sign up for the waiting list HERE.

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Have fun building your seven figure jewellery business! Auguste x

All images in this blog post have been taken from Pinterest and I could not track the original photographers. If you recognise someone's work or the images have been created by you, please connect for appropriate credits.


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