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5 Steps To Planning A Jewellery Photoshoot

You've been playing with an idea to book a professional jewellery photoshoot for a while now, and you are finally ready to start 2021 with a full visual rebrand. Where should you start?

1 - Moodboard. Make sure you have an incredibly clear vision of what style and vibe of jewellery photography you're after.

2 - Research. Make a list of all jewellery brands that inspire you. Figure out things that make you love them and think about how can you implement them into your brand's visual aesthetic.

3 - Budget. Figure out how much you are willing to invest and do not save on high-quality jewellery content creation. The more you put towards high-end jewellery photography, the more that content sells, and the more revenue your business generates in the long run. Think about the extra costs, especially if you're thinking of booking a model shoot: travel, MUA, models, outfits, studio hire, travel, etc.

4 - Jewellery photographer. Make sure you find someone you connect with, and check their work beforehand to make sure they can fully execute your vision.

5 - Props. Don't just grab whatever's in your knick knack box. Make sure to follow the aesthetic you created for your brand in the moodboard initially.

Well, and if you're looking for a jewellery content creator to freshen up your brand in 2021, hit me up at - I'm always here to help with your brand's visual growth journey!


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