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It's been a few weeks of 2019 and I gotta say I'm pretty pleased with how this year has treated me so far. With the new year-new me ramble aside, today I want to talk about productivity.

For majority of us early morning is when our brain game is on point. The only problem is.... ain't nobody got willpower to wake up at silly o'clock to start getting s*** done by 7am.

Here are three easy tips on how to boost your morning productivity.

1. Plan your day.

I usually set my daily goals the night before - this way the upcoming morning is not going to be wasted lingering around thinking what's there to do. Organising your time subconsciously programmes you to give yourself deadlines for each task, helping you to be more efficient in whatever you need to do.

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2. Set a routine.

I can't stress enough about how much having a structured morning routine can change the chemistry in your brain. It gives you discipline needed to get yourself going early in the morning. Every day starts the same for me - I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, have some warm water, do yoga, meditate, have porridge with fruit, read a book, and only then I'm ready to either go to work or get on with my day.

Having a morning routine saves you from making hundreds of small decisions. Less mind-boggling things to think about makes everything so much easier! Do I even need to say that including exercise in your morning flow boosts your endorphin levels, making you feel happy and accomplished within 30 minutes of waking up?

3. Treat yourself.

Have something to look forward to. Be it an engaging book, freshly squeezed OJ, life-changing cup of coffee, or a sweet treat - always have something to be excited about the second you wake up.

Here you go! Now I'm not saying that it's all smooth sailing when it comes to waking up at 6am on a Sunday morning. You choose what to do with your time. The options are: being productive, or having a lie in. So suck it in, start waking up a few hours earlier and you'll thank me later.


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