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Updated: Nov 5, 2018

3 Sep '18


My whole life I’ve been torn between 2 ways of living - one pursuing happiness by becoming a globe trotter, a dreamer and a wanderer, and another one simply turning into Carrie Bradshaw.

One part of me has always wanted to live off grid in a tiny house in Hawaii, grow organic veggies, meditate and do yoga on a beach all day every day.

Another part of me has always wanted to live in the very beating heart of London and run my own business whilst juggling hundreds of side hustles and living in a crazy expensive and modern loft with a doggo.

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And here I am. In the middle of a crossroad. Listening to all the girl boss podcasts, feeling confident and unstoppable, launching my own brand, but feeling a horrible FOMO in the back of my head.

Am I missing out on the biggest adventure of my life? I literally could be woofing in some eco vegan nudist banana farm somewhere in Nimbin, Australia, right now. But instead here I am, currently homeless, crashing at my boyfriend’s place, working my butt off and spending LITERALLY 18 hours per day in front of my Mac.

Every time I think about this I get a little bit lost. Choosing great career instead of adventures or vice versa is so damn hard. And I made a decision. I’m not choosing.

I decided that balancing both adventure and business is the ultimate go-to. Finding a compromise is essential! Most importantly… start planning what you want in life right NOW. Being torn between two ways of living sends mixed signals to the Universe. How are you going to get somewhere without even knowing where it is that you want to get to?

I can’t stress enough about how important it is to set a goal and do everything you can to reach it, taking one step at a time.

So I’ve managed to set some goddamn amazing goals that balance the bipolarity of what I expect from life, and it feels amazing.

I just needed to sit down with a cup of tea and find out EXACTLY what I want from life today, this week, this month, this year, and in the next couple of years.

Be it balancing work in Bristol and traveling on a monthly basis, or living in Bali and doing my work from there - i have a plan and it’s definitely a good one.




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