Why Is Model Photography Essential For Your Jewellery Business?

OK but how important is model photography for your jewellery business?

Important enough for people not to buy your jewellery when they don't see it on your listings.

I don't need to go far to prove it! I've been on a lookout for a perfect gold gemstone cluster ring for over 3 months now. I don't even want to think about how many hours I've spent trying to find something PERFECT.

And I found it! I'm not going to mention the jeweller, but it was a gorgeous independent UK based business with handmade jewellery ranging from £50 to £4500. I literally found a perfect ring, obsessed over it in seconds, then stared at it for a long time, and decided not to buy it for one very damn simple reason.

I did not know what it looked like when being worn by an actual human being. The listing had 3 jewellery packshots and that's it! What was the actual size of it? What did it look like when styled with other rings? Was I about to spend £300 on something I wasn't 100% sure was going to look absolutely fabulous ON me? Hell no.

When spending money online, particularly on jewellery ranging £50 and up, I want to make sure that I receive something EXACTLY as I've been anticipating. That exact size. That exact colour. That exact quality.

That's why model jewellery photography is essential for your brand. Model images help shoppers visualise what your piece of jewellery will look like when being worn in real life. With one image you begin an important process of helping your client build a better picture of what he/she's going to look AND FEEL like when wearing your creation!

If you're thinking to get some model shots for your jewellery brand, let me help you! Fill in the client form HERE and let's chat about your perfect photoshoot!

Oh, and if you know someone who makes beautiful gemstone cluster rings, please tag them in the comments below - I'm still looking for something extra special!

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