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5 Jul '18


I'm currently having my second cup of coffee in Dublin, waiting around for my mate, who could not board with me because he had no passport. What can I say... LIFE!

And guess what? I'm in Ireland, and it's 26 degrees out here! It's pretty damn hot. No offence, Dublin, but I let myself to imagine I'm somewhere a little bit more exotic like, you know, Jamaica, or Barbados, or something. My woman's mind led me to a labyrinth of thoughts related to hot holidays and I ended up thinking that all my swimsuits... well... they kinda suck. So I went for an online hunt for an ultimate eco swimwear brand. Totally rubbish Dublin Airport's wifi and the Gods of Google Chrome introduced me to much more than what I expected.

Here they are - three total gems from the magical world of sustainable swimwear.

This Spain-based bunch definitely knows how to design stunning swimwear.

Creating their beachwear and swimsuits using eco-friendly and recycled materials they're absolutely nailing the sustainable fashion game!

Fun fact - some of their items are made of cuprio™ (nope, I've never heard of it either) - vegan and eco-friendly silk-like material. In scientific terms, it's a regenerated cellulose fiber that's produced by treating cotton cellulose with cuprammonium salt. Sounds long, I know. But it sure feels good!

This California-based sustainable swimwear brand focuses on producing outfits using recycled nylon and LYCRA EXTRA LIFE fabric.

Amahlia Stevens, who established the brand in 2000 donates part of her profits to organisations that preserve our planet's oceans, how cool is that!

Their instagram page got me California Dreamin' big time, what can I say.

OK so this brand is one of my favourite discoveries so far. Why? Listen out. REFORMATION uses a variety of different materials, including Tencel™. What on earth is Tencel you ask? It's a material manufactured from Eucalyptus trees. It takes approximately five times less land to grow Eucalyptus than cotton.

Another material used in the brand's swimwear is TENCEL™ Modal - material made of beachwood! But most importantly, have you seen their designs? Kaboom, so gorgeous!


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