Jewellery Branding Mistakes You Must Stop Making In 2021

Every morning I start working at 6:30 or 7am and spend at least an hour exploring what's on my Insta feed, engaging with my followers, replying to comments, and if I have time, exploring what’s new in the jewellery makers communities. Every morning I find at least a few brands that I fall in love with. I follow their business growth journey and get excited when they launch a new collection or post a fresh image with a heart-to-heart caption. However, I also stumble upon jewellery brands that make me really confused.

Now… I’m not a maker. I’m a buyer. I LOVE jewellery, and I love visual branding, and I love photography. To put it in a different way, I know what it takes for a jewellery brand to sell their products (or do the exact opposite) from a buyer’s and industry professional’s perspective.

But god damn it, there are so many businesses out there that literally look like they don’t want to sell any products! Hence I gathered all my frustrations and made a list of 14 most common mistakes that I see small jewellery businesses make on Instagram.


1 - Professional vs Personal Life Content

Don’t post images of personal life events on your business Instagram account.

That includes nature walks, first days of school, holidays, concerts, Covid-19 positive tests and your lunch pics.

Unless you have an incredibly strong yummy-mummy audience, don’t post images of your kids either. I’ll be tough but honest here. Nobody wants to see meh images of children on their feed when they are following jewellery and fashion brands. Use stories for content like that instead!