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Starting or running a successful jewellery business is the most magical and rewarding venture you will ever dive into. 

Today, let's really focus on YOUR brand. What can you do to make it authentic and desirable? Is it better photography? Is it recognising your target audience? Is it creating a Pinterest worthy visual aesthetic, or maybe learning how to post engaging Instagram captions/ blog posts/ newsletters? 

I invite you to take some time and learn about driving your jewellery business to success. 


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Brand Revision


Are you ready for a thorough analysis of your brand's strengths and weaknesses on your 2 main sales platforms?

Let me fully understand how you can boom your profits and help you do exactly that. 


Photo Editing

currently unavailable

online course coming soon



With over 10 years of professional post-production experience I am here to spill the beans on how to make your jewellery look second to none. 

I'm talking reflection management, dust removal, colour correction, and much more. 


Audience Clarification


Don't make a mistake of not knowing who your target audience is. 

Fully understanding your brand's clientele allows you to focus on creating content with high engagement rate, and develop marketing strategies that work like magic.


Visual Aesthetics


Let's perfect your brand's look and colour palette so every image you upload on social media is 100% Pinterest-worthy.


Content Creation

currently unavailable

online course coming soon


Be it jewellery lifestyle photography or flat lay setups, I give you my most valuable tips and tricks on how to create stunning jewellery photographs in the comfort of your own home with no expensive gear.

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Content Ideas



Let's arrange a brainstorming session to generate ideas for your Instagram captures, blog posts, newsletter topics, and much more! 


2 business tools


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3 business tools


All business tools


What happens when you book a session?

- We arrange a consultation call or meeting with a cup of coffee where we get a chance to get to know each other and create a better understanding about your business and different ways I can help it grow.

- I create a personalised e-tool kit for your brand that fully analyses your strengths and weaknesses in your selected business area(s).

- We book a 2 hour-long video workshop or a live meeting to perfect your chosen business tool and answer any questions you may have. 

- You have 30 days to pick my brain about any questions you may have when implementing your new knowledge into practice. 

Fill in the client application or let's connect directly via

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