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How To Grow A Jewellery Business

In the past few years, I have analysed thousands of jewellery businesses: big and small, fresh off a kitchen table and well-established, focused on both mass production manufacturing and the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces.


At first, I looked at the products that brands were selling. Then went down the rabbit hole of jewellery photography, followed by picking marketing strategies & visual performance tools piece by piece. Believe it or not, I have learned so much more from the downs than the ups. Mistakes, if studied correctly, hold 10x more valuable information than successes. It is imperative to analyse not only the big wins but also the failures of everything we create & put our minds to in both business and life.


Why do some campaigns, launches, & collections perform beyond expectations, while others flop miserably?

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Most (in fact, I dare to say 99.9%) high-performing jewellery brands spend 80% of their time focusing on 3 things:


  • Consistent branding guideline implementation in all marketing efforts

100% clear and constantly communicated branding, lifestyle, authenticity, target audience, voice, values, and positioning set the foundation of every successful jewellery business. Every photo, every text, and every UGC piece has to reflect every inch of branding, no matter what.


  • High-end content production driven by authentic concepts

Visuals sell jewellery. I said it before and I'll say it again. Reaching 6 or 7 figures in sales is virtually impossible without regular investment in top-quality photos and videos. This applies to brands that sell items for $10 and less and artisans who create each piece of jewellery by hand, pricing their art for $1000 and more.



  • Consistent & pre-meditated investment in Facebook ads

No matter how big or small the investment, making yourself visible is essential. Introducing yourself to cold audiences and saying a friendly 'hi' to existing warm audiences is key.

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The reality is that creating a successful jewellery business (or any business, in fact) takes guts. It takes A LOT of work. It requires resilience, motivation, passion, curiosity, long working hours and sacrifice 24/7. I have not encountered a single success story that came to life without at least a few burnouts and mental breakdowns.


And I know it is nice to hear highly achieved people condemn 7-hour work days, preach 'balance' and say 'You need to take it easy and focus on yourself' when building a business. At least that's something I've been hearing a lot recently. But guess what - they wouldn't be here saying this if they were taking it easy at the beginning of their journey. It's like being at the top of Mount Everest and convincing people who are still at the bottom that they don't need carabiners and cords because there's no need for them at the top.

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If you want to run a HIGH-PERFORMING jewellery business, you need to take action every day. Get better at something every day. Push your business one step forward. Every. Day. You have to stop identifying as a jeweller and start internalising the fact that you are now a business owner. 


Start with perfecting your product. Then focus on having strong branding. Not a 'this will do' kind of branding, but a guideline that will push your business through the good times and the bad times. After that delve deep into content and concepts. Outsource or do it yourself - it does not matter, as long as it's done well. Once that's done, invest in promotions and next-level marketing efforts.

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And if you need help along the way, and the question "How To Grow A Jewellery Business" keeps on circling in your mind, I'm here for you! In case you're stuck and don't know how to grow or where to start, let's book you in for a 1:1 visual audit, identify sales-stoppers, find solutions, and make an action plan for growth NOW:

Your journey to running a 6 figure jewellery business is just a click away.

Sending love,



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