As a freelancer I must find motivation to wake up early every morning and crack on with work without anyone telling me what, when, and where to do anything. Sounds great? Yeeeaaaaah, not really.

Here are the 3 things that make me wake up early and be ready to rock'n'roll my jewellery photography business by 8am every day.

1 - MORNING COFFEE is my greatest motivation. There's nothing I enjoy more than making a fresh cup of coffee which makes the whole house smell like a coffee shop. I have recently started making bulletproof coffee a few times in a week and it's been making me feel amazing! Blending coffee with oat milk, honey, MCT oil and ghee butter does magic!

2 - TO DO LIST makes my morning 100 times more productive. Knowing exactly what there is to do I don't procrastinate on social media and can simply crack on with daily tasks which are usually set within the first sips of coffee or the night before.

3 - GREAT PLAYLIST with no lyrics. I find songs with lyrics to be greatly distracting whilst doing work. Classical music or chill hop is everything I need to be productive and get into the zone of getting shit done.

I highly suggest everyone have a few things in their routine that they look forward to before starting the day. Good luck!

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