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Don't Photograph Your Jewellery Before Doing This One Thing

If there was one jewellery photography advice I could give to startup jewellery brands, it would be... GETTING YOUR BRANDING RIGHT before doing anything else.

Honestly, don't even bother to pick up your camera before clarifying:

1 - Colour palette for your business

2 - Optimised visual aesthetic

3 - Target audience

4 - Your brand's message and intellectual feel

WHY? Having a strong understanding of your brand is the foundation for creating authentic visual content for your jewellery business in the first place.

Are you elegant and luxurious, minimal and organic, or edgy and contemporary? Do you know what your brand’s message is all about? What are its values? What does it stand for? What is the lifestyle that comes with the jewellery you sell?

If you’re a small business targeting millennials with medium income, you are ought to be posting different content to luxury brands targeting middle-aged high earners, right? There is SO MUCH to think about before even thinking about taking a single image of your jewellery.

Your job as a small business owner is to create an incredibly clear branding plan, which, when given to 10 different photographers, would assure that your general visual aesthetic remains the same.

And that does not mean that you should go to multiple different jewellery photographers or even choose one at all.

A clear visual branding plan will help YOU build a highly engaging and successful brand that you've been working so hard for.

So if you haven't done that yet, pour yourself a glass of wine, put some saucy jazz on, get your favourite notebook, and get working on your perfect branding plan today.

And if you need any help with that.. Hit me up at ! I offer 1:1 Brand Review (£290) and Visual Aesthetics (£250) workshops helping you take your jewellery brand to the next level.


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