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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

In the last blog post I spoke about why it is so important to invest in professional jewellery photography. Now that I've got you convinced, here is why professional photographers charge what they charge.

The truth is, photography is often underrated by a crazy load of startup business owners. I know I’m not the only freelancer out there who gets slapped with the That’s-Way-Out-Of-My Budget phrase at least a couple times in a month.

To create a successful business you must invest in it.

It is important to understand that every business has a different budget. It is equally as important to understand that when a photographer you approach gives you a quote, it includes:

  • time spent working on marketing strategies to reach you

  • planning the shoot

  • sourcing the props

  • location scouting

  • finding and communicating with professional models, stylists, and makeup artists (if applicable)

  • communicating with the client before, during, and after the shoot

  • studio and equipment hire

  • setting up the equipment (believe it or not, depending on the shoot, it can take up to an hour just to set everything up)

  • shooting time

  • de-dusting time (oh boy does it take 9 years to clean all the fingerprints and dust off all the tiny little pieces of jewellery!

  • prop-placement

  • editing down and editing time

  • taxes

Do I need to mention the hidden charges that jewellery photographers pay for to maintain the business, such as (Photoshop, Lightroom, tethering apps, client management softwares, graphics tablets, professional laptops, extra editing screens, annual website, domain, and e-postbox charges, courses, degrees, etc)

I have been extremely lucky to have worked with people who know exactly why my charges are what they are. One thing I can promise is the delivery of a 100% quality content that will significantly increase my clients profits in no time.

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