Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Let's be real for a second. Establishing a high-end jewellery brand is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Don't start with £0 in your pocket - be financially prepared to take your business visual branding to a whole new level. Investments you commit to in the first stages of branding your jewellery hustle are going to pay off with a blink of an eye.

Here are 3 services you should not hesitate investing into if you want to create a successful jewellery business.


If you're thinking of establishing a successful jewellery business that brings bread and wine to your table, take those badly done iPhone product shots off your website this very second.

Visual content on your website and social media platforms is a reflection of the quality of your work as well as how seriously you take your business. Invest in a professional photographer who has the right skills, lighting equipment and camera lenses suitable for jewellery photography.

Be prepared, it's going to cost anything from £300 to £3000. However, remember that posting high quality visual images will be one of the main factors that help you produce a regular flow of paying clients for your business.


Invest in one or two professional models to show off your jewellery. Remember - whoever you choose to photograph your jewellery on is going to be the face of your brand.

You have to trust me on this one - save up a few hundred pounds and arrange an experienced model to add a perfect human element to your shoot. Yes, you can ask your cousin to model for you because she's fit, she can take a quality selfie, and she'll do the whole job for free, but it doesn't mean she's going to be photogenic and do a good job.

Agency models are aware of their best facial expressions and body angles (which saves time during the shoot), they're confident, they have great body and skin (which saves time during the post-production), and they most likely have worked with jewellery advertising before.


Makeup artist and hair stylist is basically going to sculpt the face of your brand and trust me, you want him/her to do their job well. And no, paying £60 for one hour's job is not too much considering it took them years of training to get where they are now.

So here you go, 3 most important services to take into consideration when visually branding your jewellery business.

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