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'I'm so awkward in front of the camera', 'I look terrible in photos', 'I absolutely hate having my photos taken' - trust me, I've heard it all.

Having your headshot done is like going to a dentist. Slightly painful at first, but it's totally essential to get it out of the way once in a while.

No matter if you run a service or product-based business, your client wants to see the person behind the brand.

It is imperative to create an image that represents both you and your business. No matter what it is that you do, be it acting, dancing, or running a multi million dollar investment business, you should always look charismatic, confident, approachable, and authoritative. Remember, it's the first few seconds that count.

Interpersonal perception has been analysed for decades and it's been found that the first 5 second encounter with another person is just as powerful as having a 15 minute in depth conversation. Your job is to sort out a few banging images that make people fall in love with your character before they even meet you. And no, I'm definitely not suggesting taking a new selfie in front of a white wall at your mum's place to make it look more corporate.

Investing in a professional photo sends a message to your client that you take yourself and your business seriously. Would you want to hire a sales funnel expert who's wearing yoga pants in her profile photo on her business website? I definitely wouldn't, thank you no thank you.

The beauty of having your headshot easily accessible by your clientele is that you can control their opinion of you by simply posing one way or another to portray yourself in whatever way you like. Don't know how? Professional headshot photographers know what the hell they're doing - trust us! Our job is to make you look and feel like a goddamn Beyonce.

Remember, a quality headshot is your virtual business card. My suggestion is... get that selfie off your LinkedIn profile RIGHT NOW, book yourself a headshot session with your local photographer, and start acting like you're the real boss.

Do I need to remind you that I'm doing a headshot marathon for young artists all January? Holla at me at to book a session.


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