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It was such a pleasure working with Scandinavian minimalism inspired goddess Moa.

She works from her home studio here in Bristol, and we went on a couple of coffee dates prior to arranging a jewellery photo shoot in Bristol. Back in March I did a mini creative shoot for her, and here are the results:

Once she was ready, we took that leap step and decided to get the product shots done for her jewellery brand. Working with highly reflective silver is always 10x harder than working with matte jewellery. Should I add that most of the necklaces were rippled? I can proudly say it was quite a challenge to get the reflections and lighting right.

But here's what we came up with:

And here's what Moa's Etsy shop looks like now :

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Working with a professional jewellery photographer makes a huge difference if your goal is to attract more clients to your online shop.

What are you waiting for?

Drop me an email to and we can chat about rebranding your jewellery business!

Augustė Chocianaitė



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