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In the past couple of weeks I've been feeling like I've completely lost the direction in which I was going. All the jobs have completely stopped and I've been struggling so much to keep myself occupied. I genuinely felt like a bored child throwing a tantrum at least a couple of times a day.

On Saturday I started reading more. Meditating more. Doing yoga more. Doodling and writing poetry again. Listening to podcasts. I sneaked out for a walk in nature for a couple of hours. And oh boy did that help me feel like myself again. 

I'm sure the blues will come back at some point, but it's ok because every good thing in life is followed by a bad one and vice versa. Life is an ocean. Sometimes it's stormy, sometimes it's peaceful. It's ever changing all the time. 

We just need to breathe in, zen out, and accept the NOW. Bad times will come. Good times will come too. Just stay mindful, stay focused, and observe the today's waves as they come. 


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