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Instagram Algorithm 101 For Jewellery Brands

Here's a little something about Instagram algorithms and why you should stop wasting your time trying to crack them.

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Meanwhile we're all constantly trying to understand Instagram algorithms hoping there's some sort of a secret way of getting more followers, boosting engagement, and going viral, focusing on these things can only lead to disappointment

There are no secret ingredients for success on Instagram! Having your followers click like-save-share-comment buttons in some particular order is not going to triple your jewellery brand's sales!

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Here's what will:

- Strong Branding (clear -visual aesthetic, brand identity, target audience, etc.)

- BANGING Visual Content (why would anyone even click on a poor quality DIY image when there are THOUSANDS of jewellery brands in your area that seriously invest into professional jewellery photography?)

- High Engagement With Your Existing Followers (reply to those comments, start a conversation, TALK to people in your followers circle!)

- Marketing Strategy (Insta Ads, Influencer Marketing, or Both - unless you are making at least 100 sales every day, don't tell me it's not worth investing into advertising)

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All I'm saying.. It's easy to blame the algorithm for 'hiding' your jewellery brand from your potential audience. If you were seriously invested into the 4 before-mentioned aspects of growing your brand (and I'm not talking semi-invested, or having-thought-about-those-things-once-before kinda invested), algorithms would be the last thing you'd want to think about because you'd be too busy making them sales!

So what is your next step? INVEST into your brand. Show your audience that you're serious about your jewellery business, and the sales will come without any help of a mysterious algorithm.


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