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Selling jewellery online in a heavily saturated market can be difficult.

You have to juggle hundreds of tasks, however essentially your goal is to ensure that your business sells high-quality goods to people that truly trust your brand.

With trust (and love) come sales.

I shall leave the manufacturing side of things to professionals, but rest assured I can advise you on HOW to build that assurance.

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- SHOW UP for your audience. Reply to their comments, post actively on social media, have a quality 'About us' section on your website, reply to your followers' DMs quickly and don't forget to show them some love by liking their content once in a while too.

- SHARE THE LOVE whenever you get lovely reviews from your clients. Do I even need to explain why that's important?

- OFFER TOP NOTCH SERVICE UNTIL THE VERY LAST MINUTE - Update your clients about postage and make sure every package is fully tracked, especially if it's going abroad. Automate a sweet email after they've received the purchase to check up on everything and see if they would like to leave a review (in exchange to a discount, of course)

- HAVE PROFESSIONAL JEWELLERY CONTENT - "67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is “super important” in selecting and purchasing the product". If you're at a point of making profit, invest it into high-quality jewellery photograper and watch your brand grow.

- BE MODERN and make sure your Instagram aesthetic is on point & your website does not look like it's been made in 2002. Shoppers tend to trust contemporary and fresh looking online shops as opposed to pages with old fonts, images that don't load properly, and inconsistent design.

Jewellery Photography, Jewellery Photographer, Models, Jewellery Photoshoot

Hope this post served as a friendly reminder to work on building your brand's trustworthiness ❤️❤️

Invest into building a gorgeous jewellery business and watch it grow. Auguste x


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