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Abby from Helix & Conch and I started chatting on the 24th of August 2020. Since then we created some amazing content for her jewellery brand and oh boy am I excited to share it with you! It took us 3 months to get everything ready, and here we are!

After having tailored a package perfectly fitting H&C budget, we organised 3 sessions for:

- Model images

- Packshots

- Lifestyle product images

This is what Helix & Conch website looked before the makeover:

In the 3 months time we arranged a photoshoot with the most amazing creative team from all over. An early morning started with a bunch of coffee at Flaneur Company studio space here in Bristol greeting Danny the MUA (Bristol), Julia (Oxford) who did a magical job working as an assistant and BTS guru and 2 models - Annette (London) and Meg (London).

Here are Abby's favourite shots from our 4 hour session in both natural and studio light.

After that followed a 1.5 day lifestyle product photography session and oh boy, did we get a bunch of good stuff!

And finally, of course, packshots - not gonna lie, my least favourite job to do, but I cannot explain the satisfaction I get from creating high-end jewellery packshot images for a client!

After all this work, here's what Helix & Conch website looks now!

Are you a jewellery brand owner looking to upgrade your visual content? Let's get in touch! Drop me a message at and let's start your visual improvement journey!

Augustė xx


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