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So a few weeks ago I started working with Ombre London - a gorgeous fabric brand specialising in high-end scarves.

After 5 days of shooting and editing I finalised their pack shots in 2 different styles. All I have to say is that I've never done as much ironing as I have throughout that week.

I am so used to shooting e-commerce style content at the studio with professional studio lights, however, with no access to my usual work space, I had to improvise and shoot from home. With no professional lights. But, like I always like to say, there is literally NOTHING in this entire world that a little bit of Photoshop couldn't fix.

And oh boy, did it take long to fix things. The full length scarves were approximately 2 meters long. Now... How could I possibly shoot al that at my home space without an industrial camera tripod that goes up to the ceiling?

The truth is.. I had to take 2 shots per scarf and combine them in post-production. It did take a while, not gonna lie. Considering that I have to shoot with approximately 55mm, the perspective in the original shots was dreadful. However, like I said before, there is NOTHING a little bit of photoshop couldn't fix.

We decided to go for a light grey background instead of the widely used sterile white. I have never been a fan of plain white background. I always thought it makes the products look a little bit washed out.

However, 5 days later, we managed to get those perfect e-commerce product shots!

And as a bonus, here are the extra natural light images we decided to create for Ombre London's instagram account:

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