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Updated: Nov 5, 2018

We're strangely halfway-through Autumn 2018.

What. The. Hell.

It's rainy, cold, windy, damp, grey... It's perfect!

My room is super toasty, I have nice smelling candles on, and David Gray is blasting out the speakers. What is there not to love?

Oh wait. I know.

Cold weather messes my skin up B I G time. Lack of sunlight makes me as pale as Casper the *not so* friendly ghost, my hair goes back to ashy blonde colour, and my skin gets uncomfortably dry after every shower I take.

Here are 3 essential beauty products I can't imagine my life without right now.

1. ISLE OF PARADISE self tanning drops

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Not gonna lie - I've tried self tanning once before purchasing this bottle of Isle of Paradise's magic. I ended up shining bright like a diamond with a crazy bright orange upper lip I couldn't wash off for 4 days. I never tried changing my body colour after that.

Then I decided to give it another go. After hours of Googling organic tanning products I found Isle of paradise - a vegan, cruelty-free, organic beauty brand. It definitely didn't take me long to fall in love with it.

All you need to do is mix it with the most natural moisturiser you can find in your cupboard and... voila! Tan's so easy to develop and the overnight result is amazing.

2. TROPIC soothing cooling mask

sustainable fashion photography, chocianaite, auguste chocianaite,

And oh boy does it hydrate!

I use it nearly every other evening after taking my makeup off.

It's vegan, ctuelty-free and, of course, organic, and made in the UK. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that uncomfortable feeling when your skin BEGS you to give it some moisture. It didn't really do anything after the first few applications, however I could feel my skin glow after the fourth attempt.

The ingredients include: blackcurrant leaf and fruit infusion, probiotic ferment, jojoba oil, coconut, spirulina, and alkanet root, shea butter, konjac root powder and many more goodness to make your goddess skin healthy and hydrated!

3. LUSH sleepy body lotion

sustainable fashion photography, chocianaite, auguste chocianaite,

I know it doesn't take much to fangirl about LUSH.

I mean... Who doesn't?

However, from all the Lush skincare products out there, my friend recommended this one and I know exactly why. It smells of lavender and gingerbread, it's purple, and it relaxes every single tensed muscle in your body in no time.

The only disadvantage - it takes a while to soak in, leaving my keyboard covered with a layer of sticky lavender substance.

However, I can't imagine my night routine without it - it moisturises like a G.


Here they are. My three favourite skincare items this Autumn.

Whoever says it's difficult to find vegan and cruelty-free products... let me tell you... you've been too lazy to look properly.

For me personally there's nothing better that using skincare that's not been tested on animals, has been produced in fair and ethical working environment, and derives from natural and organic ingredients.

Isle of Paradise, Tropic, and Lush - you're rocking it. I'm sure there are thousands of skincare brands just as good as the ones I've mentioned in this blog post. Let me know in the comments below and share your favourite vegan products you can't imagine your life without!




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