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I was beyond excited when Rafaella and Brunna, two sisters behind Assolari Co contacted me. After a Skype tea date with Rafaella who runs the business all the way from Toronto we decided to work together under a 6 month contract, producing both lifestyle jewellery product and model photography for their social media.

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I absolutely loved creating visual content for Assolari - their pieces match my taste in jewellery 100%. We decided to use white silk and marble elements in all the images, which was such a joy to work with on a sunny May morning.

Here are some of my favourite shots from our lifestyle jewellery photography shoot in my cosy Bristol studio.

Are you a jewellery brand looking to get new, authentic visual concepts for your website and social media? Or maybe you are looking for constant and regular jewellery content creation for your business?

Let's get in touch and talk everything professional jewellery photography related. We can arrange your next dream photoshoot in no time! Get in touch via or fill in our client application form HERE.


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