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There is one marketing rule that every jewellery brand owner should print and frame in their office:


I am here to give you 7 reasons why you should hire a professional photographer if you're expecting to grow your business this year.

Authentic visual concept

Photographer's job is to convert an abstract idea into a series of images that sell your jewellery. Photography is a form of art that takes years to master, and a professional you decide to hire will create one-of-a-kind imagery that represents the roots of your business.


Working with the same photographer guarantees consistent props, lighting, and style of the images. Brands like @byneskapolita and @lilyandrooldn have nailed a consistent aesthetic on their social media platforms with the same creative team working behind the image production:


Need a professional freelance model that would look perfectly as a face of your jewellery brand? - We know a dozen of them.

Need a gorgeous space to shoot at? - We know an Air BnB that you'd absolutely love.

Need a professional hair stylist, makeup artist, fashion stylist? - Yep, we got a list of people who would love to get on board.

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... Is one of the reasons why we can't offer jewellery photography for under a tenner. The current gear I shoot with is worth approximately £4000 without the insurance. If we were to use the studio, that's an extra £10K worth of lights, stands, facilities, and backgrounds.


As a professional photographer I take a lot of pride in what I do and I don't outsource an image editor unless the deadlines are extremely tight next to each other. Post production often takes much longer than shooting and requires a whole lot of new skills for a professional result!


Professional jewellery photographers have most likely gathered a lot of gorgeous props such as display blocks, patterned tiles, different texture and colour papers, etc. that you will not need to buy yourself, which is great!


This is my final and most important point. Soulful creative content converts people who stumble upon your Etsy, Not On The High Street, Wolf and Badger, Instagram, or Amazon profiles into paying customers. PHOTOGRAPHS ARE THE GREATEST SALESMEN OF YOUR BUSINESS. No matter how beautiful the piece you sell may be, one image can make it look stunning, and another image can make it look like it's not worth £1.

You have a full control of your business' success.

Are you ready to finally take the first step, hire a professional jewellery photographer and watch your brand grow, or would you rather keep your images the same and see no change in your business growth?

Give me a shout at and we can discuss your authentic visual concept together.


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