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Brand X's Always Chic connected with me via Fiverr a few months ago. Just as I was about to give up the platform Ameet showed up and sparked a little faith that this skill sharing website was not all that bad for my professional jewellery photography business.

Throughout 2 jewellery photoshoots at my Bristol home studio I photographed 230 jewellery pieces in total, creating 5 carefully crafted wholesale - catalogue friendly lifestyle sets for the brand's stunning earrings.

Here's what we came up with:

An incredibly minimal, feminine white silk jewellery photography set no. 1:

Rustic, boho darker set no. 2 using handmade dark concrete coasters from Concrete Jungle Arts:

Extremely minimal pure marble-inspired white set no. 3 (how gorgeous are the gold and pearl hoops?)

Intricate daylight beige aesthetic jewellery catalogue set 4:

Model shots a.k.a. set 5. Don't even ask what it feels like to put 200 earrings through your ears in one day. Yeh, that's my ear.

Here you go, no more, and no less than 2 weeks of my work in one blog post.

Are you a jewellery designer looking for fresh content for your brand? Let's get in touch! I create professional jewellery photography in my cosy central Bristol home studio.


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