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Content Creators

Ready to give your jewellery brand a visual glow-up in 2022? Want access to high- converting visual content? Meet the jewellery content creators.

User generated content is a key facet of branding and sales success. We’ve carefully selected our favourite faces of Instagram to introduce a creator oasis for jewellery businesses.

We’ll match your brand with a choice of talented jewellery content creators, all known for producing gorgeously styled, high quality images. Should you be looking at investing into jewellery UGC content creators? Undoubtedly.

We are so excited to help you grow your business, beautifully. Discover our Content Creator
panel and begin your growth journey with us today!


Vilnius, LT


Left ear - 3 lobe

Right ear - 3 lobe, 1 helix

Agne Leo

Vilnius, LT


Left ear - 1 lobe

Right ear - 3 lobe


Kaunas, LT


Left ear - 2 lobe

Right ear - 4 lobe, 1 tragus


Vilnius, LT


Left ear - 1 lobe

Right ear - 2 lobe

Use UGC to help grow your jewellery brand… and sales:

  • Demonstrate your brand’s trustworthiness, showing your jewellery looks just as good ‘in real life’ as in a product shot.

  • Encourage engagement with relatable shots

  • Bring visual variety to your feed

  • Provide value to your audience with styling inspiration

  • Achieve your dream visual aesthetic with quality imagery

  • Show your customers what you want to see, encouraging them to take better quality images and get reposted on your page

  • Showcase the pieces of your choice to make upselling and cross selling a breeze


Vilnius, LT


Left ear - 1 lobe

Right ear - 1 lobe


Vilnius, LT


Left ear - 2 lobe, 1 helix

Right ear - 2 lobe


London, UK



Left ear - 2 lobe

Right ear - 3 lobe, 1 helix


Vilnius, LT


Left ear - 1 lobe

Right ear - 3 lobe, 1 helix

Our creators cover a range of aesthetics and lifestyles, meaning you can choose the person whose images will best speak to your audience.

If our jet-setting panel have a trip planned, you may even get to have your jewellery photographed in a far-flung locale!


How it works

We’ve made securing high-quality organic content easy. Here’s the process:









Can’t decide which content creator best fits for your brand and audience?

Drop us a message and we’ll cast our eye over you brand and make an expert suggestion. Or you can choose one of our starter packages, providing images from two or more Lithuania-based creators.

Check out our starter packages below.

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 09.09.12.png

2 content creators

2 images


Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 17.35.07.png

4 content creators

4 images


Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 10.21.28.png

5 content creators

10 images


Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 19.35.48.png


Will the content creator share the image on their platform?

The main purpose of this service is image creation, providing beautiful and sales-generating jewellery content for your own platforms. Your brand, the creator and @Chocianaite are all able to share the image(s) created. Your brand will be tagged in all shared images. There’s no obligation for the creator to share the image with their followers, but they may choose to. We will all be able to freely share images, comment on posts and tag each other, so there’s the potential for organic cross promotion from both your and content creator's end.

Will the jewellery be returned to me, or gifted to the content creator?

Just as when you send pieces to us for jewellery model photoshoots or product photography, we’ll return the jewellery back to you after your creator has taken the images. If you’d like to gift the piece(s) to the creator then you absolutely can – just please note there is no expectation they will share your pieces on their account.

How do I post everything to you? 

We will send you our studio address upon your booking. For clients from different continents, we recommend: 
Our private couriers for UK - we sort everything including declarations for you so that you can sit back, relax, and forget that Brexit has ever happened. 
DPD for EU
Australia Post for AUS
DHL for Asia 

How soon will I receive my images?

The package is a collaboration between the creator and yourself, so the timescale depends on the schedule of your creator and the feedback you provide. Our creators love to travel, so we’ll also let you know if they have an upcoming holiday – giving you the chance to have your jewellery photographed in locations all over the world! When you select a package and creator, we’ll agree a set shooting date depending on the content creator's availability. The content will be produced on the agreed day, with the proofs following up to 7 working days later. When you’ve chosen the proofs, your final images will be ready within seven working days of you paying the invoice.

I need images urgently – is this possible?

Please contact us with your timescales and we’ll see if we can make any suggestions. We are working on an availability calendar but there’s currently no set schedule for our creators – their varied and jet setting lifestyle is what makes their content so exciting!

Can I use the images on my website or Facebook page too?

Absolutely, the images are yours to use wherever you like!

Can I make requests for styling or colour palette?

We offer a panel of creators to allow you to choose the one that best matches your dream aesthetic, so hopefully the content will already be a great fit. However any requests are welcome, and we'll try to make sure your final content is 100% perfect. 

How many proofs will there be to choose from?

We want you to adore your new photographs, so you'll get a lovely choice between 3 and 10 images per final picture, depending on your selected package.

I love all the proofs! Can I select more?

Of course – just let us know and we’ll organise a quote for the additional images.

My question isn’t answered here…

We love to talk! Drop us an email at with any questions you might have.

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