Having launched my brand with the main focus being on sustainable fashion, I've recently decided to move towards high-end jewellery photography. I know right, that's quite a bold move.

Still working with sustainable brands of all sorts, I feel like my heart has been leaning towards the timeless beauty of silver, gold, and precious stones.

The funny thing is... I've been making amateur jewellery myself since I was 12 years old. I've been romanticising the idea of creating something so goddamn beautiful from a piece of gold or any other metal for over a decade. I guess I can't say that working with jewellery in one way or another hasn't been meant to be.

Today I'm here to celebrate the sensual gold pieces created by the most amazing woman, goldsmith, and a goddess Loren Lewis-Cole from Bristol. We worked together last year to create high-end visual content for her upcoming website, and we have another shoot coming up this month to produce more imagery of her gorgeous jewellery pieces. I would absolutely love to share the still life shots we composed in between shooting the models and commercial jewellery photography shots last year.

Here's what she said about her jewellery photoshoot in Bristol .

Augusté helped pull my vision together. I found her through serendipity and from the word go she delivered 1000percent. I'm a jewellery designer and was looking for some strong visual content and was lucky enough to find the perfect woman. We sent each other back and forth mood boards for weeks, adding and subtracting ideas through images. When the models arrived at the studio on the day, we were all already very clear about the aesthetic and feeling we were to bring into being. Augusté had everything looking and feeling amazing in the studio, and had music playing. The models were relaxed and she helped them bring their uniqueness and spirit into the shots. I would never have worked out what angles and body compositions to go for, but she just knows what looks good and works well. The studio was filled with conversation and laughter all day and everyone really enjoyed it.

The feedback I've got about my images has been exceptional. Having strong and professional imagery instantly puts you steps ahead of doing it yourself. If you're serious about your brand then working with an industry specific photographer is really the main priority after having your collection ready to go. Augusté is now my go-to woman for shoots and I feel she really understands my aesthetic and messaging. She's an amazing woman and highly professional. A pleasure to work with at every step of the way.

I'd absolutely love to work with you if you're a Bristol-based jewellery designer. Hit me up at and we can come up with different jewellery photoshoot concepts to help you produce outstanding visual imagery for your website and social media.

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