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Why would you hire a professional photographer to create content for your jewellery brand when you are more than capable of taking photos of your designs yourself? Girl, let me tell you.

Jewellery Photographer Bristol

Having launched my photography business nearly one year ago I have learned one thing:

I made my life 9000 times more burdensome by taking up extra roles, such as marketing, social media content creation, blogging, sales, networking, website design, PR, and many more. Surprise surprise, solo - running a successful brand - any brand, be it a sweet shop or a high-end vegan shoe boutique - entails all of those things.

Having wanted to be 100% dedicated to my photography I found myself spending 80% of my time doing marketing related things, and 20% of my time doing actual photography. Lucky me, I absolutely love anything and everything branding, business marketing, and web design related. However, I started to forget the main reason why I was doing all this, which was... creating visual content.

It's the same with any jeweller trying to get more sales. You're a one man band. You are responsible for absolutely nailing your branding ON TOP of actually designing and making jewellery. Time consuming, I know! Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Jewellery Photographer Bristol

You must know how to balance everything when running a successful jewellery business. Time management is the key, and that's where outsourcing becomes essential.

For instance, you want to pass the task of taking product photographs to someone else to make sure you have enough time to tap into your roots of working with whatever your medium is. Outsourcing can be scary at first, however, you simply have to find the right person to trust with your content.

Making great sales via online shopping platforms like Etsy or social media hubs like Instagram strongly relies on the quality of your product photography. Would i buy from someone who clearly hasn't invested in their visual branding? *Quotes Notting Hill* Tempting, but no.

Successful jewellery brand owners know that customer experience must be 100% impeccable all the way throughout the shopping journey, starting from SEEING the photographs of your jewellery pieces, ending with wearing your designs for the first time.

Don't be afraid to outsource an experienced photographer to create visual content for your website, social media, and online shopping platforms. It is an investment, however, it's totally worth it, giving you that extra time to create your next best-selling design.

Are you an independent Jewellery designer based in Bristol, Bath, Cardiff or anywhere else in the UK? Contact me at to arrange a jewellery photoshoot at a cosy Bristol studio.


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