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Updated: Nov 5, 2018

12 Sep '18


Not gonna lie - Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I can finally sit at home all day with rain pouring outside, fire burning in the fire place whilst I'm all cuddled up in my favourite blanket reading Nobakov and drinking tea.

My October essentials - KeepCup to have morning oat flat whites on the go at all times, collection of huge knitted scarfs in 50 shades of autumn, incredibly long Spotify playlist of indie music, unlimited supply of Pukka teas and, finally, KNITTED JUMPERS.

Knits have always been my soft spot. Give me all of them, right? Since I don't own a lot of clothes in general, and most of them are boxed up ready for a house move anyway, I decided it's the right time to make a new purchase. Bring me them eco jumpers.

The only problem is... I've never EVER bought any knits from sustainable and environmentally conscious brands before. Consequently, I've not realised how difficult it was to find a decent knit that hasn't been manufactured in some dodgy sweatshop in Bangladesh (I'm talking about you, Boohoo and Primark).

After hours of looking for a perfect Autumn jumper, I can say that I found 3 items I want HERE and NOW.

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I can't stress enough about how much I love small independent garment makers from all over Europe. I've been recently discovering an incredible number of amazing slow fashion designers form Lithuania. The Knotty Ones in particular got me incredibly excited. Have I found the ultimate perfect knitwear brand? Might be!

By empowering stay-at-home mums and providing them with safe and and fair work environment this bunch definitely knows what minimal modern knitwear is. Check them out!

Pom pom jumper - 100% fair trade cotton.

sustainable fashion photography, chocianaite, auguste chocianaite,

In mustard we trust!

Beaumont Organic is a brand I've been admiring for a while now. Responsibly using organic and sustainable fair trade luxury fabrics they are creating a revolution within the fashion industry.

I definitely couldn't resist taking long autumn walks in nature wearing this knit.

sustainable fashion photography, chocianaite, auguste chocianaite,

Not sure what about the rest of the girls, but I wear yoga pants and oversized jumpers whenever I get a chance to. Hence I decided to snoop around mens wear this time.

This chunky knit by Peregrine Clothing from mens Winter collection is an absolute essential for cold and rainy Autumn evenings. Let's just admit it - at least one 100% wool item is a must - have for everyone.

Now the time has come to decide which one of these 3 knits I want to get. What do you think?


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